Episode 10: After School with Dr. Mark Crislip, The Quackcast

About Dr. Crislip

Mark Crislip, MD has been a practicing Infectious Disease specialist in Portland, Oregon, since 1990. He is responsible for the Quackcast, a skeptical review of Supplements and Complementary and Alternative Medicine (SCAM), three time winner of best health podcast; The Persiflagers Annotated Compendium of Infectious Disease Facts, Dogma and Opinion, a guide to infectious diseases; the Persiflagers Infectious Disease Puscast, a podcast review of infectious diseases, and Rubor, Dolor, Calor, Tumor, an Infectious Disease blog.

Oh yeah. And A Gobbet ‘o Pus, a podcast repeat of Rubor, Dolor, Calor, Tumor. He also has an iOS app and his ID blog entries have been collected and are available on the Kindle as Puswhisperer. A Year in the Life of an Infectious Disease Doctor.

Part I Topics

  • What is it about chiropractic - or alternative medicine in general - that has you concerned?
  • Bias of an Infectious Diesease doctor versus chronic disease, surgery
  • How do you do it all? Blogging, podcasting, parent, doctor, editor...

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Stay tuned for the second part of my interview with Dr. Crislip and an episode with South Africa.