Episode 46: Documenting your journey through chiropractic school

During one of my last quarters in chiropractic school, I turned on my mic during one of my walks home to record some thoughts about the possibilities of documenting your journey through chiropractic school. Blogs, podcasts, and vlogs are popular in so many markets. Could they work for chiropractic students?

This episode was recorded in August 2015, but I'm releasing it now because it's still relevant.

Document, don't create.

If you're familiar with Gary Vaynerchuk, you've probably heard him say, "Document, don't create." He repeats this idea incessantly to argue that entrepreneurs need to document their daily processes to build their brand, not just create content.

I've started using this idea sharing behind the scenes of creating my podcast on Instagram Stories, but I didn't realize the thought was already in my head over 3 years ago!

Though I mention I hadn't seen any examples of this in this recording, I've seen a number of examples pop-up since then.

The Prehab Guys have a huge social media following and started while they were still in PT school.

Sara Zwink has been vlogging and sharing her journey into chiropractic school, including her cross-country road trip to Sherman College.

@destination.dc on Instagram is doing a great job of building a chiropractic community… and according to her profile, she's still in her undergrad program!

There is plenty of room in this space for someone to build a tsrong personal brand well before they start practicing or even graduate.

Plus, your mom will love it.

Do you know of a chiropractic student who's documenting their journey? Let me know in the comments!