Episode 53: The Master Student with Dr. Noah Volz


Dr. Noah Volz is the creator and host of DC2BeRevolution, a podcast and YouTube channel with over 100 interviews with the most influential people in chiropractic. He started the channel as a student and is distilling the lessons learned in a 3 part book series called The Master Student. Book 1, focusing on Mindset, is available now on Amazon.

In this interview we discuss his journey in healthcare from East to West, lessons learned by interviewing chiropractic’s most influential individuals through the full spectrum of philosophy, and why he decided to write another book.

You can learn more about Noah at drnoahvolz.com, or on the DC2BeRevolution Facebook page.

If you’d like to receive a free copy of The Master Student, Book 1, head on over to The Master Student Facebook Group and write a comment tagging the Exploring Chiropractic page.

I’ll send a redemption code to the first 5 people to mention that you heard about the book on this podcast!

By Noah Volz