Episode 9.5 - "The Chiropractor Reviewed" - Part 4, The Subluxation

D.D. Palmer's,  The Chiropractor

D.D. Palmer's, The Chiropractor

The Subluxation

The displaced bones of any luxated joint may impinge upon a nerve, or by their displacement cause a nerve to be stretched, thereby creating inflammation.  - Palmer, D.D. (2007-09-03). The Chiropractor (p. 48).

These conditions may be relieved by adjusting the displaced vertebrae which impinge against the nerves.  Palmer, D.D. (2007-09-03). The Chiropractor (p. 62).

A displacement displaces vertebrae, spreads them apart, does not draw them together. - Palmer, D.D. (2007-09-03). The Chiropractor (p. 69).

Do you not see that the long, wide gap between the atlas and axis affords no possible chance for nerve compression—no more than there is between the atlas and occiput?  If you think the first or second spinal nerves can be pinched, compressed or squeezed by the approximation of the atlas and the axis or the drawing together of the occiput and the atlas, just try to explain such a condition to your next prospective patient.  - Palmer, D.D. (2007-09-03). The Chiropractor (p. 50).

The intervertebral disks are not compressed, made thinner, the nerves are not occluded, pinched or impinged upon.  We, as chiropractors, have no use for such unscientific terms as “The spinal windows are occluded, closed up.” - Palmer, D.D. (2007-09-03). The Chiropractor (pp. 89-90).

The importance of bone pressure, nerve impingement, nerve tension, the all important fact that the position of the osseous frame, the neuroskeleton of the human body, has all to do with the amount of nerve tension, normal or abnormal, known as nerve strain, the amount of heat, is never mentioned, in fact, is never thought of by the teachers of medical or chiropractic schools. - Palmer, D.D. (2007-09-03). The Chiropractor (p. 107).

Knowing the structure of bones and nerves, the names of each and all their surfaces, the descriptive terms, nomenclature and classification, their location and functions, do not inform us of the importance which chiropractors should attach to the position of bones. - Palmer, D.D. (2007-09-03). The Chiropractor (p. 108).

Why remain satisfied with a meager knowledge of the science, art and philosophy of chiropractic?  Why not advance onward and upward toward perfection[…] - Palmer, D.D. (2007-09-03). The Chiropractor (p. 16).

Episode 8.5: "The Chiropractor" Reviewed - Part 3, Causes of Specific Diseases

Causes of Specific Diseases

Correction: I mistakenly say D.D. Palmer wrote this book over almost 200 years ago. In fact, it was just over 100 years ago.

An old photo of a young boy with Rickets.  Photo Credit: Sergey Kozhemyakin/ Foxtongue via Compfight

An old photo of a young boy with Rickets. Photo Credit:Sergey Kozhemyakin/Foxtongue via Compfight


All rachitic conditions are because of displacement of the twelfth dorsal vertebra; this is an established fact. - Palmer, D.D. (2007-09-03). The Chiropractor (p. 39). So no Vitamin D deficiency then?


Gonorrheal rheumatism is the result of gonorrheal poison contracting nerves, drawing the second lumbar vertebra out of alignment. […] Adjust the first, second or third lumbar vertebra. Acute rheumatism should be relieved by one adjustment. - Palmer, D.D. (2007-09-03). The Chiropractor (p. 61).


In costiveness (constipation) adjust the 12th dorsal, for by its displacement the distance between its inferior articulating processes and those of the first lumbar are increased, thereby stretching the nerves which innervate the kidneys. - Palmer, D.D. (2007-09-03). The Chiropractor (p. 68).

Psychological Conditions

Insanity may be caused by auto-suggestion, continued thinking upon one subject without rest. In such cases the third cervical nerves will be found affected. Correct by adjusting the third cervical vertebra. - Palmer, D.D. (2007-09-03). The Chiropractor (p. 74).

The Nervous System

An inflamed nerve may be recognized, when subcutaneous, by its hardened condition, its sensitiveness to pressure and its enlarged diameter. It is contracted lengthwise and enlarged diametrically. - Palmer, D.D. (2007-09-03). The Chiropractor (p. 61).

I proceed to palpate on both sides of the spine, using one finger and thereby determine which one or both of the 12th pair of nerves and the one or both of the kidneys are affected. This is determined by the rigidity of the nerves; those affected will be swollen and sensitive to pressure. Palpation is made by a verticle movement back and forth of a half-inch. The sensitive, contracted nerve or nerves may be followed to the affected kidney or kidneys. - Palmer, D.D. (2007-09-03). The Chiropractor (pp. 69-70).

The ebook version of D.D. Palmer's first book, "The Chiropractor" is available on Amazon Kindle for just $3.99. It's full of interesting tidbits that inspire and may surprise even the most philosophically minded chiropractor or student.

Episode 6.5: "The Chiropractor" Reviewed - Part 1

School has really picked up and I haven't had time to edit the 3 or so interviews I have in the feed. eek!

So, in the meantime, I'll be sharing some thoughts on one of my 'Tic Picks. The ebook version of D.D. Palmer's first book, "The Chiropractor" is available on Amazon Kindle for just $3.99. It's full of interesting tidbits that inspire and may surprise even the most philosophically minded chiropractor or student. This is Part 1.

Episode 4: Sherman College of Chiropractic

An audio only version is available below, or for download on iTunes.

We've got an awesome show this time, all about Sherman College of Chiropractic. We had so much to talk about we ended up going a bit longer than usual, but I hope you can find time to tune in and hear about what fried chicken and B.J. Palmer impersonators have to do with straight chiropractic.

Joining me in this episode of Exploring Chiropractic are five wonderful ladies at Sherman in Spartanburg, South Carolina:

Anna Elkins 12th Quarter Chiropractic Intern

Virginia Voyles 5th quarter student, originally a native of Illinois. She has an undergraduate degree in business and worked in advertising sales and as a financial consultant for a period before becoming a chiropractic assistant.

Rachel Leskosky 4th quarter student from Pennsylvania, with an undergraduate background in Neuroscience

Ginny Gross 6th/7th quarters transfer student from National University and then Life in Atlanta, Georgia.

Robin Heaton 4th & 5th Quarter student. An "older" student who been in the alternative health care field for over 20 years. Attended two other chiropractic schools in the past (2000) and chose Sherman over returning to the chiropractic other schools.

Note: The ideas and opinions offered in this discussion are those of the host and guests and do not reflect the institutions discussed.


What's it like living in Spartanburg, South Carolina? Wikipedia: Spartanburg

Vitalistic Philosophy and focus on Vertebral Subluxation Wikipedia: The doctrine that "living organisms are fundamentally different from non-living entities because they contain some non-physical element or are governed by different principles than are inanimate things."

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Anna's: League of Chiropractic Women

Virginia Voyles: "The Peaceful Warrior"

Robin: International Federation of Chiropractors & Organizations

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Rachel: "Palmer's Law of Life Vol 36."

Nathan's: "The Chiropractor" by D.D. Palmer, 1914