Episode 8.5: "The Chiropractor" Reviewed - Part 3, Causes of Specific Diseases

Causes of Specific Diseases

Correction: I mistakenly say D.D. Palmer wrote this book over almost 200 years ago. In fact, it was just over 100 years ago.

An old photo of a young boy with Rickets.  Photo Credit: Sergey Kozhemyakin/ Foxtongue via Compfight

An old photo of a young boy with Rickets. Photo Credit:Sergey Kozhemyakin/Foxtongue via Compfight


All rachitic conditions are because of displacement of the twelfth dorsal vertebra; this is an established fact. - Palmer, D.D. (2007-09-03). The Chiropractor (p. 39). So no Vitamin D deficiency then?


Gonorrheal rheumatism is the result of gonorrheal poison contracting nerves, drawing the second lumbar vertebra out of alignment. […] Adjust the first, second or third lumbar vertebra. Acute rheumatism should be relieved by one adjustment. - Palmer, D.D. (2007-09-03). The Chiropractor (p. 61).


In costiveness (constipation) adjust the 12th dorsal, for by its displacement the distance between its inferior articulating processes and those of the first lumbar are increased, thereby stretching the nerves which innervate the kidneys. - Palmer, D.D. (2007-09-03). The Chiropractor (p. 68).

Psychological Conditions

Insanity may be caused by auto-suggestion, continued thinking upon one subject without rest. In such cases the third cervical nerves will be found affected. Correct by adjusting the third cervical vertebra. - Palmer, D.D. (2007-09-03). The Chiropractor (p. 74).

The Nervous System

An inflamed nerve may be recognized, when subcutaneous, by its hardened condition, its sensitiveness to pressure and its enlarged diameter. It is contracted lengthwise and enlarged diametrically. - Palmer, D.D. (2007-09-03). The Chiropractor (p. 61).

I proceed to palpate on both sides of the spine, using one finger and thereby determine which one or both of the 12th pair of nerves and the one or both of the kidneys are affected. This is determined by the rigidity of the nerves; those affected will be swollen and sensitive to pressure. Palpation is made by a verticle movement back and forth of a half-inch. The sensitive, contracted nerve or nerves may be followed to the affected kidney or kidneys. - Palmer, D.D. (2007-09-03). The Chiropractor (pp. 69-70).

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