Thanks for your interest in our Chiropractic Students Google+ Hangouts. This information will help you get prepared to participate in your first Hangout session.

If you're not sure what a Hangout is, take a minute to read the last section.

  Never  sit with a bright light behind you. Face a lamp or open window so others can see your face.   Image from  FastCompany     

 Never sit with a bright light behind you. Face a lamp or open window so others can see your face.

Image from FastCompany


Getting Ready

To ensure the best experience, here is a checklist of things you should have and do before joining the Hangout:

  • Use an up-to-date computer with a webcam & microphone (iPads and tablets should work with up-to-date apps)

  • Create a new Google account or make sure yours is upgraded to Google Plus

  • Use a high speed internet connection (use an ethernet cable instead of WiFi if possible)

  • Wear headphones instead of using built in speakers

  • Face a light so your face shows!

  • Join our Google Community to receive notifications when the Hangouts are about to begin.

As a member of the Google Community, you'll receive a notification like this once the Hangout is about to begin.

Time to Participate

Invited Guests

If you've been invited as a guest to discuss your school, you will receive an e-mail with a link to the Hangout "green-room". Click on the link to join 10-15 minutes before our scheduled time.

If you want to participate in the hangout, be sure to join the Chiropractic Students Community. You will receive a G+ notification in the upper right of your screen in the Notifications center once the Hangout starts. Just click to join the Hangout.

If you prefer to watch live and not participate, visit the Upcoming Hangouts schedule to watch online and submit questions in the comment section.

Uh oh…

There are always going to be technical issues when dealing with technology in a live situation. (Trust me, I was a professional A/V guy.)

Checkout the How-to section of the Google Plus Updates page or the Google Hangouts Support Page.

What's a Hangout anyway?

Google+ Hangouts is an awesome way to hold live, online, video discussions. It's like Skype, but allows up to 10 people to join at a time.

Hangouts on Air

Plus, with Google Hangouts on Air (HOA), you can easily broadcast your discussion live to the world and automatically record it to YouTube for later viewing.

Check out a list of all the other features and these examples of how others are using Google Hangouts: