What happens when a magician pranks a chiropractic student?

I'm nearly ready to give up Facebook (such a cliché these days). But I come across too many good nuggets to bail just yet.

Today's gem was a video from The Carbonaro Effect, a hidden camera magic TV show on TruTV. I've seen a clip or two while browsing before (I don't have cable), like the one where he pretends to be an optometrist and deftly swaps the eye chart for one that makes the patient think they have double vision. 😆🤓

The host, Michael Carbonaro, must have like 2 million dollars in student loans because he also plays a chiropractor! In The Human Pretzel, he teamed up with another magician to prank a chiropractic student. 😯

Michael gets a surprise patient to loosen up a little too much at the chiropractor.

Poor girl. She was probably wondering if that counted as a complex case for her clinic requirements. 😜

He doesn't stop there though. In another clip, called Banned Medical Device Wrings Neck, he nearly gave his patient a heart attack. Before treating the unsuspecting patient with the Walden Rotation Machine (which was consipicuously "banned by the FDA"), he generously offers to demonstrate on himself. Handing her the glitchy remote, he places the device over his head and tightens the clamps. What happens next is no surprise…

A woman's trip to the chiropractor takes a nasty turn when a machine twists Michael's head 360 degrees.

The magician even gets in on some fairly esoteric chiropractic specialty work when he pretends to be an animal chiropractor in the local pet shop.

Whatever he uses to make that popping sound would come in really handy in practice. Instead of placebo, just start calling it the #CarbonaroEffect!

Stiff joints are no laughing matter, especially when they affect an adorable bunny.

I hope you enjoyed those as much as I did. If you want to send them to fellow chiropractors or class mates, I've compiled them into a playlist on YouTube you can send them. (I threw in a couple more clips that your massage friends might like, too.)

Now stop wasting time on YouTube and get back to studying chiropractic!

Do you have any favorite chiropractic related YouTube videos? Comment below!