The O.G. Chiropractic Vlogger

YouTube is blowing up as a marketing and education tool for chiropractors, physical therapists, and other private healthcare practices. It's proven to be a great way to capture attention with adjustments, educate patients on conditions, and even add to your monthly revenue.

Some channels take a serious approach to patient education. Others get a little more wild and crazy. A handful try to fit into the ASMR niche.

More recently, the vlogging trend has entered the chiropractic world. Students and doctors alike are documenting a day in the life and sharing it with viewers.

But step aside millenials. Dr. Lester Partna, Associate Professor in Chiropractic Sciences at University of Western States has been vlogging for over a decade. That's before Casey Neistat was even thinking of daily vlogs!

At the start of every quarter, Dr. Partna shares his "What I Did on My Vacation" video, and let me tell you, these videos are pure gold.

Here's the latest from Summer 2019.

Dr. Lester Partna has been documenting his summer vacations on a vlog since 2006!

Golf, lawncare, drums, buffets, unicycle, hang gliding, wood working, bagpipes… How does he fit it all in to a 2 week vacation?!

Dr. Partna, no doubt, is a modern renaissance man of sorts. He and his wife never seem content to putz around, instead opting to fill their free time learning new skills, no matter how esoteric or impractical they may seem.

Be sure to check out his previous videos as well…

If you ever had Dr. Partna for cervical adjusting class, it's fun to see the development of his "seated cervical pillow".1

  1. If you haven't, well, that's what Dr. Partna calls his midsection, and the reason he frequents Vegas buffets. ↩︎